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A stag can’t live long with his antlers!

September 25th, 2020

Talking about the Bucks, then the Bucks team ah, this team, I personally feel very good ah, this season, to honor the talent, to honor the oath, um, so many years, national day, long holiday, played to this level, ah, I always feel very good. Well, let’s talk about, ah, the Bucks now have a complete and reasonable system. I think it’s very good. Well, because of Lopez, then we won’t talk about the absolute core of the team, let alone him. He must be the most important except the most important. Who is the most important other than me, I think is, Lopez, ah, there is no third person, there is no second person, then, we say, the core team of the team is then five, the core of the team is the absolute core of the two leading three teams, then there is absolutely a team is the leader of the team.

Er, in addition to the alphabet song, ah, the team, the core, that is, lopeziva is a very good player. After the development of the three-point opening, ah, now, the Bucks’ lineup is very complete, with internal and external, and with tradition.

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Let the earthquake come!

September 23rd, 2020

This kind of cultivation has rotten out and has not been online. If you can’t reach Anthony Davis, it’s the upper limit. Can you still play it? Also, if you can’t reach Anthony Davis, you won’t be sad. No way. He wants Anthony Davis. You need to have a future Anthony Davis. Next, he says that he thinks so, including the Bucks, including this cute one. Clear out, clear the majority of the team, you can trade to provide how, how can you, just, the year after tomorrow, Pa Pa Pa, play to the playoffs, right? Leonardo ran away, the realm reached the acme, today still can’t play, even his name ran away, so who is this movement.

You, as long as Middleton bradsox is traded, you can talk about it or something. Right? This is not a player like this. They can’t change history. They can change the league. Players. So, he won’t want almost anything. He wants the next Anthony Davis. It’s just like, uh, this and that pants. Ingram is reluctant to cultivate it. Maybe it’s OK. Why is the individual? Ah, he is also interested in Celtic team, because Celtic team has a lot of draft rights, Celtic team is a lot. Dad’s draft rights are ready to be traded. Here, almost right, right? So he saw that we are. So now there’s a report that Mo Chen has revealed that Wo, skin contact. Yes, he has received four or five offers from the Lakers, ah, it’s 77881. Er, this plus this combination, that plus that combination. When I saw that there was one item, there was a quotation for each combination. It was quite attractive. It was quite impressive. I felt the pace of education in front of me. Although I was almost, um, almost right, there was still.

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Rockets wait for Capella to return to the fire line!

September 22nd, 2020

A netizen asked him why Paul. As a result, netizens were very enthusiastic. Why did the Rockets lose so much after Paul came? I said, Paul doesn’t have anything to do with Paul. I told you that Paul is the harden used in the ball game. Now, you can’t play. Do you know, now it has arrived.

The fatigue period, the fatigue period in the middle and later period is very dangerous. If you don’t let him rest, he will be injured. In this period of time, of course, there are more than a dozen games and 20 games. To the last ten games, this position is, er, very dangerous. It is really the last game, the ranking position is almost the same. After a long time off, there won’t be any big problems. Ah, during this period of time, it doesn’t matter if you lose two games. I don’t think it’s a God who can’t make 30 shots for 30 shots in every game. I tell you, you don’t think he’s a fairy. It’s true, play, don’t move, ah, also, to those who have friends say that curry Durant and so on, which game anyana single game 60 points, this game you have to pitch first, move again ah, because curry ah than Durant Durant, we don’t say, I feel a good chance, right

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Rockets have a lot of grace

September 21st, 2020

The contract is the last satisfactory contract that the rocket team can give, and I think 20 million. I’m afraid that if he wants 250030 million yuan, it will be less than that. If he wants 25 million yuan to 20 million yuan, then I believe Gordon will be the only one. After all, the Rockets have given Gordon a chance. The Rockets are still very good. They are good at many problems.

Er, this element is in the stars, that is, how to say it, that is, the understanding of this, the conscientiousness and responsibility of the players, and the attitude of olajuwangmeng, let’s not say it. OK, I won’t say anything about it. In most of the time, I feel responsible for the players or take good care of them. So, um, I understand. Um, the Rockets have a lot of grace. Gordon also needs to repay his kindness, right? Take less and take less. I think it should be. Well, with 20 million yuan, ah, if you don’t make a deal, under the circumstances, then Gordon is very likely to be right this summer. Well, now the Rockets are going all out to shake off Wright’s contract and add a day to Wright’s family circle. I’ve always told you that the Rockets are warriors.

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Love is priceless!

September 19th, 2020

Wei Chen grew up too slowly, almost no change ah, then this is also the impact of injury, ah, also a troubled player, so now, after release to the magic team ah, remember correctly, should go to the magic team to give him a training space, the magic team bite people, the magic team gives him a fertile soil to stare at him. He is usually extravagant, and then, I think this person is very practical and humane in this business. Ah, the rest of buerzi have a way to live. Since he can’t keep it, ah, since there is no time and space for cultivation, let him go. Don’t stand still, right.

Er, I think it’s very good. It also represents the wind of the general. Ah, the feeling of the general’s wind is a little bit. Ah, the player in the second grade of junior high school, I didn’t tell you. It’s true that as a champion rookie, he was directly traded before his contract had been played for three years. In the post Jordan era, there was. How many people, Jordan, we haven’t seen the times. We’ve seen them in Jordan’s time. We can count all the numbers. Right, we have to train Martin, right? Turn to brown. Count the wrong years one by one. You can correct me. You should call me enough. Oh, I have

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it’s the same with Hadden

September 15th, 2020

That’s it. And then, it’s the same with Hadden. To win the championship means to get the MVP of the finals. Right, it’s the same with wechat. Now there are only two in the league, two and a half. Nowitzki doesn’t count as Nowitzki. If it doesn’t, it’s going to be 20000. From then on, Durant and so they can be called the first person in the first League of the league, right? Don’t think about it. You won the championship first, FMV p you, are you challenging this position? Well, Durant and James, where are these two mountains, you basically can’t go over. Where have you been? In this era, er, it’s too cruel to say, now, one of the all stars, ah, let’s talk about this summer’s Quasi champion, ah, how to tell the news? This program said, anyway, it didn’t take long. Why don’t you go up there? Give him a name Cai en, Z IO n. today’s full screen brush is a three-point ball that jumps a little bit in the paint area to seal the bottom corner. Wow, the ball is visual and impact. You can have a look at it.

This, the ball, ah, swipe the screen, is it him? In this, this, er, three-point cover, this jump is too high. Is it the visual error or the angle of the camera? I think. The main reason is that I have already judged the light from the long-distance seat. Yibin, Pingguang, ah, it’s very terrible. Ah, it’s terrible to be able to go up and cover the opponent’s three points. Well, I don’t think the arc of the projection is too low. It’s terrible to cover it.

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he fooled James around

September 14th, 2020

We said we kept saying. After Sam and Si were injured, the team’s record, ah, the decline was too fast, the front line was too fast, the leading advantages were all gone. At this time, the coach was in trouble, Wharton, ah, it was a problem. As we said before, Wharton should be dismissed. It’s really time to finish class. Anyway, it’s not Wharton. After all, it’s Magic Johnson. After all, it’s impossible for Magic Johnson to finish class. After all, he fooled James around. Ha ha, so, it’s not small, right? Wharton’s, it can’t be played today.

In the playoffs, I’m sure to get out next year. Ah, of course, if you play this part, Wharton, or not, has no meaning for the Lakers. It shouldn’t be given a chance. Personally, I think God predicts that we will lose two more games as soon as we can. We will lose two games in a row. It’s very, very likely that you’ll have to leave. It’s very difficult to get out. If you lose two more games, you may be behind by more than 20 games. How can you turn it over? It’s very difficult, very difficult, very difficult. Every losing game represents you. The playoffs, uh, one big step away, ah, one big step short of losing a game

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All star in my mind!

September 12th, 2020

Some netizens have told us that there are too many wonderful All-Star events like which one is the best to watch, and every one is wonderful. Well, there are also stories, but, er, it’s just in recent years, right? You’ve all seen it, I’ll push it forward, I can push it forward to the earliest memory, um, I’ll tell you that year, ha ha, it’s a bit forgotten whether 2001 was zero or zero. Well, we started watching 9798 in 1996. 97986 doesn’t know what it means, all star. To be honest, ah, I don’t know what it means, all star. It’s a shrinking season in 1999, right? Er, I think if I didn’t broadcast any games because of the suspension, then in 2000 and 2001.

But officially, I began to watch these things seriously. Er, I remember that it was 2011, 2011, er, things didn’t play all stars. At that time, I thought it was still possible to fight against the performance. Now, it’s more inclined to performance. If you lose 30 minutes in the first three quarters and spend 2:30 minutes, you won’t be able to play in the fourth quarter. It’s very serious. Now, er, it’s the first three quarters. If the performance is too big. If it’s spent, it’s hard to catch up

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Jordan is still very generous

September 11th, 2020

If your teammates don’t get assists. The data below are not very good. Your three double record is suck and feel less than that. That is, the loss is 40 plus 10 rebounds, seven 8 assists, and two or three are so two or three. Well, then, where do you help the other players in the team to read? Do you have to pass the ball to the opponent’s player? So it was more difficult to record three consecutive doubles. As early as years ago, local American journalists also interviewed Jordan on this matter. What did Jordan say? Jordan was a very magnanimous journalist. The fact was that at that time.

The press officer or Jordan’s assistant, who doesn’t know? The camera is not up to the top, which is to stop this very sensitive topic of journalist’s sports view. However, Jordan is still very generous and has already responded to it. He said, er, I’m ready to answer this question. Ah, I know that this kind of question will definitely come to me. This bridge section answers that two players are very good. Ah, they give a compliment. This player praises and that player praises. Right? But in the end, it still doesn’t return to the real answer to this question. He only answers one. Both quarters were hard

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Warriors, Lakers, rockets! The three most anticipated teams

September 10th, 2020

About some warriors. Warriors haven’t talked about it for a long time. Well, I don’t think there’s anything to talk about. Because it’s invincible. Invincible is loneliness, right. What can be said about this kind of thing? Only praise, complete praise. Well, we have been saying that we have to talk about some problems in the team, right? For these teams who have played well all the time, it doesn’t mean much to praise them every day. There are more than 1300 episodes of the program, and all the programs that are not deleted are over there. Is it fair to say it or not? Our program has achieved almost no mistakes except that the Celtics were beaten in the face of 76 last year, so the Celtics team has almost no mistakes.

It’s not that I was beaten in the face alone. Ha, many experts. More than 99% of the experts were beaten in the face, right? So we’re not afraid to be beaten, right? Well, the experts have looked away. We think it’s normal. But a lot of things we have said are very correct, no problem, no mistakes. Right, er, let’s talk about some warriors. Yes, it’s the warriors right now. Well, it seems that the first team in the League may be gradually moving away, right? Because there are bucks, right? But the diet is very right. What should we do now? To win three consecutive titles is the most important thing in history. The best record has been held in my arms, so it doesn’t matter that many problems are seen thoroughly. Keeping the team healthy is the most important thing to sweep the opponents in the playoffs and win the championship in a single breath.

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