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Los Angeles protesters protect the murals of Kobe’s father and daughter. What do you want to say?

June 3rd, 2020

There are probably three reasons why Kobe’s murals survived. First, sports, as well as sports stars, have a high appeal among the ordinary people. Sports is a war in the era of peace. This sentence can not only describe the competitiveness and intensity of sports competitions, but also describe a regional attribute of sports. War must be a behavior between regions, or between countries. The individuals who participate in it will naturally have a sense of belonging, devote themselves to it and stand on the position of their own regions. At this time, the victory of the competition becomes the common glory of the region and the participants, and the failure of the competition becomes the common loss or even the shame in some situations.

Such participation, engagement, and psychological impact on participants are enormous. The athletes who help the sports team to win and achieve lasting glory are the city heroes who bring glory to all the people in the city (at least those who are actively involved in sports) – just like Totti in Rome and Raul in Madrid. Compared with political figures with complicated aims, the faces of sports stars are more simple. Compared with the colorful performers, the outline of sports stars is more linear. With the above-mentioned attribute halo, it is not surprising that sports stars have a high influence among the general public. Therefore, in the NBA, one of the four major leagues in North America, Kobe Bryant, who has served for 20 years and brought five championships to Los Angeles Lakers, is undoubtedly the son of the Los Angeles people’s election, the hero of the banner, and the absolute leader of all.

MLB China: the flow and breaking circle of baseball culture

June 1st, 2020

Walking on the streets of any big city in China, wearing baseball caps and jackets seems to have become a trend for young people. Both men and women, the logo made of “n” and “Y” of New York Yankee is particularly eye-catching. Even people who don’t know English know that it represents cool and fashion.

Prior to the sport itself, the fashion elements of baseball have been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Many people wearing Yankee hats often only know fashion, but do not know the baseball sport and culture behind it. MLB (Major League Baseball) has been focusing on the local market since it officially entered the Chinese market in 2007. In the past 13 years, from youth training to professional league, China’s baseball has made steady progress. However, compared with the popularity of baseball in neighboring Japan and South Korea and its strong position in the sports industry, China’s baseball ecology is still in its infancy. “We need to embrace China in depth with baseball stories and fashion trends to attract generation Z consumers.” Qi Dong, who just served as the managing director of MLB China in August last year, was once the senior vice president and head of China of Flowserve media group and National Geographic Asia. His 16 years’ experience in the global media field made him know how important content and culture are to promote the all-round development of baseball in China, and let the young generation understand baseball fashion and trend. One day, they will pay attention to it And the consumer movement itself. At the beginning of this year, MLB China has launched a series of original contents with rich themes and various forms to transfer baseball culture from multiple perspectives, including the documentary series “the road of the major league” focusing on Chinese minor league players, the animation Popular Science Series “baseball 101” aiming at baseball minor white, and the MLB Baseball self-study course to guide people how to train during home isolation, etc. Behind the efforts of various contents and cross-border cooperation, it is not difficult to see MLB China’s ambition. Through the process of breaking the circle of contents and stories, sports and trends blossomed, baseball became a part of public life.

What do you think of James’ voice for black people who are being violently enforced?

May 30th, 2020

As a once poor black American, James has a position to fight for justice for those who are always of the same origin as himself. As a wealthy American who has been lifted out of poverty, James has no need to claim rights for those who have been divided from his own class. When it comes to the present progressive of vested interests, and the general past tense representing the origin of blood, in front of James left and right, he chose the latter. Such a choice is particularly valuable. Especially under the premise that James’s business territory is intertwined with too many upper class whites, and James is so keen on his personal business empire – even affecting his career direction and traveling west to Los Angeles. Who is LeBron James? Realistic, shrewd and ambitious to be “more than a player”, but at the same time, he will not forget his origin and blood. “He’s just a child of Akron” may seem a little pretentious, but it also excessively wipes out the controversial points in James: his mind, calculation, goal, means, obviously can’t be just a child of Akron – or anywhere. He is a complex adult, whose image is different according to different values. However, he has always been deeply aware of where his roots are, and is willing to do many things for this root – even if it will weaken the realization of his life goals. He is definitely not a child, but he does not forget where he comes from. It doesn’t help him to be a better basketball player, but it helps him to be a better person.

What would James’s career have been like if he had been a knight?

May 29th, 2020

This is an interesting hypothetical question.

I also talked about some related content a long time ago. Today, I can draw out my opinions.

Before we start, let’s talk about the reconstruction itself.

The current mainstream reconstruction ideas are as follows:

First, sell the existing lineup, try to convert the current positive assets into draft rights, and then start to repeatedly put the bad, a large number of national high ranking newcomers, through this kind of lottery to select the suitable young people as the core of reconstruction, after the establishment of the specific core, then carry out the secondary integration of resources, leaving something worthy of cultivation, which is not the same as the goal and policy of the team In order to exchange for more mature combat power, quickly improve the level of the team, realize transformation, and start to enter the harvest stage of honor.

The original Lei Jian and the later 76 people are outstanding representatives in this way of reconstruction.

But Qi: This is not the case in the process of soil reconstruction.

On the one hand, it is true that before and after James joined the Cavaliers, there were few people who could be called talents in the draft conference. But it’s hard to be flattered by the management’s vision of selecting people.

I’ve listed all the things that Cavaliers did at the draft Convention between 2000 and 2009.

In 2000, Jamal Crawford was sent to the bulls for a career average of 7.5 points, until he joined the white center Chris Mihm, who was well known by the people in the lake;

NBA may skip regular season in mid July

May 28th, 2020

Talk about the legendary New playoff game.

The current gossip is that the NBA will be back in late July, skipping the rest of the regular season (it is also said to play 70 games) and starting the playoffs directly.

But it will be different from the past. The playoffs will disrupt the eastern and Western camps, and directly set up the match according to the league’s 1-16 record. The figure below is the legendary match table.

It may not have come out of a sudden. After all, Xiao Hua had a plan to disrupt the East and West. Now he has implemented the plan through the epidemic. Because the competition is focused on one fight, without the trouble of flying from east to west, the possibility of doing so will be greatly increased. The problem is that there is no trouble flying too far this year, and there will be next year. It seems inappropriate to change the competition system back then. Therefore, the obstacles to the integration of the East and the West have always to be faced. If we do not fully understand this matter, the plan will not be implemented. Of course, those are not our concerns. Let’s take a look. If this rumor is true, it will affect several key teams.

How to “lock” LeBron James on the court?

May 27th, 2020

“It’s not easy to stop James? Just let him go for two meters. ” “It’s a laugh. James won’t be called James if he can be prevented, OK?” “The Spurs laugh and don’t talk. I think you forget that every time this kind of spooky title appears in the timeline of major forums, the comment area is often occupied by the strange black spots of” don’t say James is garbage “and the violent fans of” dare to discuss whether my Zhan has been prevented is garbage “who set up distinct poles, and finally become an inescapable goal Scold the street square, but actually, this is really a technical problem worth discussing. LeBron’s technology is changing, the team environment is changing, the opponent’s defense configuration will make different adjustments according to local conditions, which in turn will let us build a deeper understanding of the stars and the game. So, let’s start a pleasant study. Of course, it depends on the example.

1、 The 2006-07 finals Cavaliers vs. spurs if you’ve played an old amusement project called pirate ship in the amusement park, you’ll find that LeBron has been swinging right and left on a huge pirate ship called “expectation disappointment” all season in 2007. Today, we can think of LeBron in 2007 as the worst regular season since his rookie season. From a macro point of view, LeBron in the regular season didn’t continue his “04-05-06” season, and the speed of light leaped; Hollinger’s efficiency fell from 28.1 of the absolute superstar to 24.5 of the second year; he didn’t make a breakthrough in a much weaker division than last season.

1、 The 2006-07 finals Cavaliers vs. spurs if you’ve played an old amusement project called pirate ship in the amusement park, you’ll find that LeBron has been swinging right and left on a huge pirate ship called “expectation disappointment” all season in 2007. Today, we can think of LeBron in 2007 as the worst regular season since his rookie season. From a macro point of view, LeBron in the regular season didn’t continue his “04-05-06” season, and the speed of light leaped; Hollinger’s efficiency fell from 28.1 of the absolute superstar to 24.5 of the second year; he didn’t make a breakthrough in a much weaker division than last season.

NBA coach Jerry Sloan died at the age of 78. How do you evaluate his life?

May 23rd, 2020

I still remember when the local media of Salt Lake City of Utah interviewed the old man Sloan in 2016, the old man calmly said to the camera, “I’m not afraid“

“I’m not afraid, I’m just afraid of the day. If I could stop shaking, I would be in good shape –Jerry Sloan

The elderly suffer from Parkinson’s disease and Lewy’s dementia. As we all know, Parkinson’s disease can lead to central nervous system disorder in the brain, and directly lead to facial shaking, stiffness and other symptoms in the body. However, dementia of Lewy body will lead to the decline of cognitive function. That is to say, patients will slowly lose memory, unable to think and language function. This is no doubt cruel to a once famous commander.

“It’s a tough situation because you have to get away from something you love. I haven’t heard anyone say that it’s easy to recover, “Sloan said in an interview.” so I have to accept and move on. However, in order not to forget the most important thing in his life, the most important thing the manager can do with his body is to go to the Jazz home court to watch the ball.

What do you think of Paul Pierce’s statement that “James can’t even rank in the top five in NBA history”?

May 22nd, 2020

Pierce is on the bar with James again.

In the – TV program, Pierce ranked Kobe in the top five in history, which is not a big deal. Many players think Kobe should be in the top five, but the top 7 he released later stunned everyone, including Jordan, Jabal Russell, magician, Kobe, O’Neal and Duncan.

Eh, what about James? If it’s not the second place in history, can’t the top seven be ranked? Maybe in Pierce’s list, James can’t even rank in the top ten in history.

Why do you look down on James? Pierce said that James is not worthy of being called a superstar because he has formed teams everywhere and has not built his own team.

Of course, as everyone knows, this is not the case at all. Pierce would despise James so much. In the end, there are four reasons: personal resentment.

“He cares more about the company in Los Angeles than basketball”

“James’s technology is not up to the times. He’s going to be eliminated.”

“Yes, I destroyed James. James was just my loser.”

“James – he’s in a group. There’s no sense of honor.”

“James never dared to do it on his own at the critical moment, which is the performance of Rufu”

Since Pitt retired, he has devoted himself to the career of commentator, and as long as James is involved, there is no good talk.

James didn’t like him either. Before this season’s game, pierce and Perkins, as guests, went to the commentary. During the pre game reporting period, James took the initiative to greet some media personnel including Perkins, but ignored Pierce in front of him and walked straight past, which embarrassed Pipi.

16 NBA Finals

May 21st, 2020

Hurdles, post match reports and home court penalty favoritism are the key moments for Jamie to recognize Barnes Laju and Kuri. This is the first few games for warriors fans to recognize. Warriors and Cavaliers are complete. Under normal penalty scale, warriors have better rotation and tactics than Cavaliers, so James takes the lead. Then, James takes the initiative in hurdles (hard stride without washing) The off-site report made the League investigate green, which led to Green’s competition (the dispute point, Zhan’s hand is disgraceful, but it’s also Green’s turn) and Bogut’s injury. The warriors lost their ability to protect the frame. After losing the first two players, the paper strength of the warriors was slightly weaker than that of the Knights. Later, James and Owen showed their bravery (chasing hats, quasi killing, etc.), and Curie was trapped in unfair punishment (being a star G6) It’s OK to be blown out), plus Barnes’s crazy iron fighting. In fact, it’s not clear whether warriors lost the game, because there are selective blind fans in both groups, and these people often don’t have much time to watch the game and like to quarrel with people constantly. If they don’t win, they will change the topic.

In fact, the warriors fans need to recognize that James, Owen, Jr and other players in the last few games show the strong psychological quality of the top athletes in the desperate situation (who can remember the three key points of Jr and G6, too horizontal). To recognize their strength, the Cavaliers fans also need to admit that James’ hurdle behavior is not to be washed, and the means of reporting after the game is not honorable, Think about it for yourself, will you be disgusted if other players do it), including the home post

ESPN released the latest historical ranking

May 18th, 2020

Tye Gibson is an NBA player you may not have heard of. He played for the Chicago Bulls for eight seasons in 2009-2017. He played 20-30 minutes per game. He switched his identity between the main force and the main rotation. He is a standard ordinary NBA player that can no longer be standard. Recently, due to the broadcast of Jordan’s “the last dance” documentary, one of his words in 2015 was translated: James is Jordan of our generation. When he said that, his Bulls team had just been eliminated by James’ Cavaliers in the playoffs.

And if you’re ty Gibson, it’s not hard to understand: in 2010, you were selected as the best rookie in the rookie season with your stable and efficient performance, together with Stephen curry, tyrek Evans, etc., and entered the playoffs with Derek Ross, Joaquin Noah and other talented stars, but were eliminated by James, but you may still be immersed in the first place In the novelty and excitement of entering the playoffs, I didn’t feel too much, just more looking forward to a better future.