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Three gangs of rockets, Lakers and Warriors!

August 12th, 2020

There should be a match today. Otherwise, it will be a good Sunday. There is no match to watch. It’s boring. It’s boring. Ah, the game between rockets and warriors is over. It’s over. There’s no imagination. It’s not as many as I imagined. Ah, warriors fans, curry fans. But Durant fans swarmed in, and we don’t have crazy cars. It feels like you know.

It’s not changed much. Um, the brain powder and fake fans have been cleaned up by us. Well, this is a good thing. We said before, the warriors and the Rockets, this relationship ah, the warriors are the championship team. I have repeatedly stressed that the Rockets are going to challenge. To understand the relationship between the superior and subordinate, Durant is injured, right? Well, a Warriors team still has a strong competitive ability, but the Rockets did not beat this team, ah, a great opportunity, and missed the football team regardless of their ability. The ability, the head, the mentality, all stand on the side of the Rockets in name. He doesn’t listen to people’s wishes. Ah, the rocket team loses. The Rocket fans, I think, should be fine. It should be good to sleep, right? Come back next year and watch it again next year. There will be games every year and you will have a championship. OK, let’s turn it over, let’s turn it over. In the past, it doesn’t matter. We still support the Rockets. We still support the warriors. Well, we still support the warriors. Well, we still support the warriors. We still support the warriors. We still support the warriors.

If you don’t support it, there’s no chance. There’s no time

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Raptors dream back to that time!

August 11th, 2020

Let’s go on to say, 76ers, ah, this team, ah, I’m serious, I’m critical of brown. You can finish class. Really, if you don’t finish class, you will really delay Nb and adjectives. That night, Peter and adjectives said that the Raptors are a championship level defense team. Ah, some netizens found out which program for us. In fact, we talked about a lot, right? We talked about it at the beginning of the season. I have one. It’s a pity that we are 917. I don’t know which episode 917 is. You can listen to it, right? Go ahead. When we talk about so and so, we all praise, absolutely, praise. Then the Raptors have, ah, when the season starts, ah, we have to talk about the season, and the starting time is based on. At that time, a set of lineups, right? Now it is the best team to play in this position. At the beginning of the season, we think that the three teams are Celtic, raptors and 76ers. These three teams are our favorite 123123 position. Of course, bucks, um, this sudden rise has been taken to the East.

To our surprise, I didn’t predict it. To be honest, I didn’t predict that. I’m not a God. I predicted, no, the Bucks can get it. Which God is the first in the east? If the Bucks get the first in the East, you can turn it out for me. Experts and students will bring it here. Well, I will teach you well. Teach, ah, read his articles and this, this, this, this knowledge, ah, read his articles well, you, um, we are going to watch this competition today, we say, we score 90 to 92, 90 points, and 90 points is one. A low score

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if Owen can renew the Celtics

August 10th, 2020

He gave away a Tatum for nothing. How much the loss was, the team collapsed.

A person is not able to withstand, a person he is not able to withstand, the ups and downs of the next few years have not known, maybe will return to its stage, ah, touch a touch of the playoffs ah fall, touch enough to fall, enough to fall down, but we have to say, if Owen can renew the Celtics. Under the condition that the premise enterprise is established, then the Celtics are willing to, I believe, also may be willing to disobey their parents to change Anthony Davis to gamble and gamble a lot, because in the East, in the current environment, the bucks are also likely to have enough. There’s no problem with him. The 76ers, I think, is also a big probability. So far, what we said before is not counted. Now, after drawing lots, Jimmy Butler should be able to stay in the recorder and not discuss with us. Chris Harris, when, vacuum ah, when the air doesn’t need to discuss it, ah, it doesn’t exist. Remember that people have a strong team of 76ers. The Celtics are in the middle of the cracks to survive. With this lineup, they can’t play next year. The prelude is that they can’t beat 76ers by next year.

If you don’t change, ah, send off, Tatu and Mu to trade with Anthony and Davis, you can fight the bucks and seven men to fight the mining machine to the eastern finals and even to the finals. Anthony Davis, he has a high probability of staying in the team

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there’s one person in Curie

August 8th, 2020

Turn on, Hu Dingfa, we said three years ago, Green took out 17 million yuan, curry Thompson, ah, cross each other, can’t finish the butterfly, come out later, right? As long as you can run to me, you can pass it on, right? On the left, there’s one person in Curie, 10 million on the right. Seven million for one person, 10 million for each side, and 7 million for each side. Well, I thought that the mobile licensing machine was very comfortable. It was also appropriate and appropriate. At that time, I described that three years ago, I was an assistant coach in my heart, right? Right? Anyway, I’ll give you the ball when you run, and we’ll play like a training match, right? It’s too simple. Easy, it’s too simple and easy. To beat warriors, you should first beat green out and let him have less time on the court, and the less time he has, the better. Let’s talk about the backup of warriors. Before the show, you said that you said bad, did you say bad? All of them add up to more than 30 points, and the pioneers are more than 30 years old. Right, it’s really used. If you think the warriors are on the bench, let’s first talk about something. If you really think the warriors are not bad, then you are ignorant. If you think the warriors are not bad, they are still there. Nonsense. That’s thick skinned and shameless to live.

All of them are sent in, er, if there is a black League, so warriors t is not bad, then you do not understand the real fear of warriors, these backup players are not bad, not so-called, poor middle level, it is absolutely enough to play this game, five-star warriors, five giants, strong ah, these substitutes no matter which match, we say. Four belts, one three belts, two can move, so we said, well, we treat the warriors like this all the time, right? You can talk about it, but you should really admire it in your heart. Playing football

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Owen and Durant have said

August 7th, 2020

Knicks and Los Angeles Clippers are the two biggest teams in Xining air force, right. It’s very clean, very clean. It’s over 50 million and 60 million. It’s very, very clean. It’s OK to sign two or three. It’s no problem at all. Well, well, Durant and Owen’s combination, proud clipper, ah, as we said before, ah, Durant and Owen’s combination is better to go to New York, right.

It’s OK, no, it’s OK. Anyway, Owen and Durant have said that you have a good look. Ah, they are likely to be together. They are likely to be tied together. Then we will see whether our predictions are predictable or not. They are both. It’s a man, Owen. It’s totally amnestic. Durant, who played three consecutive titles, still didn’t receive the approval of the fans and the mass media. Right, it’s still like this. We say we still have to win the championship through our own efforts, right? Take a shortcut and rely on the enemy, right. Well, robbers, we are robbers, robbers, bandits. It’s meaningless for you to win the championship in this way, even if you have more. Then the next day’s news will tell us that Durant opened the daily heap, right? The Daily reporter started. The incident is like this, because remember, ah, said Durant loved and hated him, and expressed his views on Durant. After Durant’s reprint, ah, commented that you didn’t even have my mobile phone number. Kris should be, um, said as a reporter.

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Mutombo, for the NBA in Africa

August 6th, 2020

Mutombo can only, he can call this privilege, Mutombo, for the NBA in Africa to make a great contribution, everyone can see, right, I remember is what kind of ambassador, also about underwear basketball or about what image ambassador ah, so she also wants. What’s more, in the league, which teams have privileges? Ah, no, almost. You can count them with your fingers. Small, privileged teams, privileges. Most of the stars in power have most of the famous players of the same year. They all have, um, those who are not famous are still in the development stage. There are no players. Just like a team, a young player is rising slowly. The coach should arrange the tactics for him. The coach should train him. You should follow my train of thought. What kind of player should I train you into. My players, like Lillard, are mature and formed. They ask your coach to arrange tactics for me and design them for me. These are two concepts, and there are two forms. Such players have a say in the team

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Win the second time to celebrate children’s Day!

August 5th, 2020

You can see from this game. Warriors 109 points, ah, did not play his due score, but the Raptors today’s attack is not normal ah, also, abnormal, to reach 118 to 1 118 is not his normal score, so, we have to observe and observe the second game. I’ve shared it with you before, but if you want to go up in any league, you must have strong risk ability, because the champion opponent you are dealing with is the warriors. The front line is also one of the top risks in the league. Therefore, if you are in this position, if you are with the warriors. In the case of great difference, it is basically powerless to fight. Like the Blazers, the team without attack, the Spurs and the Nuggets have no risk, including the Rockets. It is too difficult and stupid to play the warriors without any risk.

In the East, there are many such teams, but they are not in the west, so the final test is the finals, and orange is also a test of Durant’s ability

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the Raptors will win ten innings by advantage

August 4th, 2020

Maybe, go to a team training match and come back. I feel like, if it’s true, it’s impossible under the circumstances, because the confrontation to the finals is very fierce. Mm-hmm, no accident is allowed. Durant can’t achieve it. 70% or, 80%, the degree of injury is, um, forced to play in the playoffs, ah, it is likely to have adverse effects, so you just need to press Chen’s ability to 51% Durant. Now, the warriors are short of soldiers as a whole, and the major general is short of this whole. Temperaments have changed, ah, these substitutes are extremely uncomfortable, but I think these substitutes still have the ability. Compared with ah, it can’t be said that the substitutes are very poor, very poor and not bad to any extent. It’s just in these contests for the championship that the team is in, relative to.

A little bit, almost because the strength of your main line-up is strong enough. How can you introduce such super substitutes when our economic conditions don’t allow? Right, give you 12 all stars to play in the finals, so that you can accept it, right? It’s unrealistic, so we don’t seek medical treatment for these gases. Of course, you can’t adapt to the level of the main players of Torsten, because you can’t play with him in one or two games. It’s impossible for him to play with the main player of kulangsi. You can’t expect to play with another player. Finally, we have to say that if there is no Durant, the Raptors will win ten innings by advantage. If Durant has 70% or 70% of his skill, he can give it. It depends on the time and the appearance of the ball. If the fifth game is one-to-three behind, the fifth game is weak

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Durant’s inspection report!

August 3rd, 2020

Let’s talk about Durant’s going to New York to check his injury. I didn’t want to talk about it, but I saw many netizens talking about it. It’s hard to see such performance with poor screening ability. So his program will be analyzed and discussed with you. When we talk about it, there are still many netizens who are late, biased, or, uh, very low-level ideas. It’s not nervous. People who think or don’t have the ability to think. They are stubborn and stubborn. You know, an animal in the fish animal world is a donkey. We should say it’s a donkey. Why, donkey, this kind of animal, I said he is very stubborn.

Why is he like this? Because he is stupid, right? Because we say that it is because he is stupid. His temper is similar to that of an ass. what we mean is that he has a bad temper. For example, he is stupid and stupid. When we describe people who are extremely stupid, they are stupid, right. This kind of fans can’t start painting. They really can’t blossom. They can only improve their self-cultivation, self-awareness, ability, self survival and self destruction through their own, ah, discuss Durant’s problem. Today, there is a netizen who reported today that he believed that everyone had already experienced. See, you’ve unfortunately been in New York, New York local newspapers and Durant’s fifth game, and Brent was injured. Ah, this incident made the front page headlines, not a kind of excuse me, not the warriors winning game 5. But Durant was injured and the title was very striking. New York lost, Durant lost or New York lost. The fifth situation was lost in New York. This title, ah, very clear and very accurate, did not coincide with what we judged yesterday

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Leonard is half covered with his lute!

August 1st, 2020

American local time, the Raptors also held a championship parade in Toronto. Ah, this is the second, the main deeds of netizens, fans and friends. All of them are focused on the champion speech. Before that, xinbailun also broke out the meeting and made a statement. In fact, we haven’t seen it till now. We haven’t watched the live broadcast, and we have not prepared for all kinds of black powder. Our faces, hands and hands were raised high. Ah, hunger has not fallen on our faces yet. Right, as we have told you, Mawangdui can leave a large number of them. However, you should meet the requirements of leadership. In this issue, Los Angeles is the leader.

Let me choose one in front of the two in Los Angeles. I choose the Los Angeles Laker team. The previous programs have said that the team can rule for the next three to five years if they form a big three. It’s terrible. Don’t talk about team privileges, big money and so on. There are too many factors. Choose the key point, blame it, focus on the path to benefit Leonard De Lai said that the interests are very important, the others are all Utopian, ah, we turn over the past, we watch the change, there are friends and netizens. Besides, the operation of the Laker team is very difficult now.

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