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1. Instruction

1. How to heat apply patches on fabric with heat press machine? (Download Instruction)

2. How to heat apply patches on fabric with household iron? (Download Instruction)

3. How to transfer iron-on transfer and vinyl letter & number kits on fabric with heat press machine? (Download Instruction)

4. How to transfer iron-on transfers and vinyl letter and number kits on fabric with home iron? (Download Instruction)

2. Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept credit card payment (including Visa, mastercard, Amex and Discovery.)

3. What is your return policy?

We don't accept return for custom items such as iron on transfers and letters/numbers because it's designed for you; If there is quality problem for our products, we could communicate to solve it. 


For other items such as heat transfer paper and heat transfer vinyl, you could return it within 7 days after you receive it.

4. Do you have drop shipping service?

Yes, we do offer drop shipping services for all heat transfer paper and heat transfer vinyl products. Please contact us at  for details.

5. Is there any quantity discounts? 


Yes, great discount is available for large quantity order. For more details, please feel free to send us an email.

6. What are the shipping methods?

Usually, we ship your order via Canada Post regular service without tracking number to save your money. If you need rush service, please contact us after you place your order. UPS Express service is available, but extra shipping fee will be charged.

7. How to place your order?

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8. Knowledge of Heat Transfer Paper:

T-shirt transferring originates with a picture being printed in reverse (or mirrored) onto heat transfer paper. The picture is printed onto the transfer paper with normal inks. The transfer is then heat applied to t-shirts, mouse pads, and other fabric surfaces, by using a heat press or a hand iron. The heat press works better by allowing more heat and pressure to assist the transferring process; however, hand irons may be used to custom your t-shirts at home. The process of transferring an image from the paper to the garment typically takes 15-20 seconds with a heat press (2-4 minutes when using a hand iron) and does not require a drying or curing process once applied.




9. What kind of Paper to Use:

There are many different types of heat transfer paper available in the market. As the result, you would be confused or lost when trying to decide which one is the best for you. The three main ways to determine this is by the type of printer you are using, whether you are printing on light or dark fabrics and, finally, the size of the image. The best way to start is based on your printers.




10. Color Laser or Inkjet Heat Transfer Paper?

All desktop inkjet printers are compatible with our inkjet heat transfer paper. If you have tons of jobs to do, laser printers are great choice for you to improve your efficiency. HP and Brother Printers tend to run too hot and have more problems with transfer papers than other laser printers. Our laser heat transfer paper works well on OKI Data laser printers. 


Please go to the following links to download instruction manual for our heat transfer materials: 


Inkjet heat transfer paper for light color fabric 


Inkjet heat transfer paper for dark color fabric 


11. How to define iron on transfers, decals stickers size?


The following logos’ sizes are defined as 4 inches.



12. How to select a right size logo for your garment


Normally we decorate our garment at center chest, left chest, front, back, left sleeve and right sleeve, how do we select right size logo?


For adult garment


Center chest logo: 10 inches


Left chest logo: 3 inches or 4 inches


Front number: 9 inches


Back logo: 10 inches


Back name plate: 4 inches


Back number: 10inches or 11innches height


For over 8 years old youth garment


Center chest logo: 8 inches


Left chest logo: 3 inches


Front number: 7 inches


Back logo: 8 inches


Back name plate: 3 inches


Back number: 8 inches or 9 inches height


For 3-8 years old youth garment


Center chest logo: 6 inches


Left chest logo: 2.5 inches


Front number: 6 inches


Back logo: 6 inches


Back name plate: 2 .5 inches


Back number: 6inches or 7 inches height


For less than 3 years old baby garment


Center chest logo: 4 inches logo


Left chest logo: 2 inches


Front number: 4 inches


Back logo: 4 inches


Back name plate: 2 inches


Back number: 4 inches or 5 inches height


For more details of, please feel free to contact us at


Thank you for shopping heat transfer paper and heat transfer vinyl on